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Hello and welcome to the best thing you’ll ever read. I joke, it’s just me attempting to document my study abroad in the mighty California in the US of A. Orange County to be precise. That’s about forty miles south of Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, plastic surgery and Ryan Gosling’s Morrocan restaurant: Tagine.

In order to stop an endless, and possibly poorly punctuated, description of my entire life I feel a procession of images that sum up my being will ultimately be more interesting. Feast your eyes on these lovelies:

Brighton: the city by the sea where I've spent many a lovely day and night.

Submarine: the film I watched on Saturday evening and fell in love with. It is blissful, charming, immaculate in every way.

Starbucks: the place that's going to slowly destroy my financial stability.

Andrew Lincoln: the man with the perfect voice. Many will recognise him as Keira Knightly's admirer in Love Actually, others may know him from the much loved TV serial Teachers. To me he is perfect.

The Woman In Black: the best selling book turned suspense riddled sell-out play turned promising film re-make starring Daniel Radcliffe. Excited doesn't begin to cover it!

Adele: the world's latest obsession. This magnificent woman has captured the hearts of a generation, and I'm so proud she's British.

Echo: the dog I've shared my house with since I was fourteen. She's a terror and an angel all at the same time. This is a terrible picture.

There you go, a summary of parts of my life. Hopefully that’s enough of an insight. Keep those images in mind when reading future blog entries. It might help make sense of them, but it might not.

Until next time my little chickens!

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