Brit Invasion

Four and a half

Okay, so this is a little side note and a bit of a plug. So while I’ve been over here in the gorgeous Orange County my best friend’s little brother has been recording and re-recording music tracks. The first time I heard him sing was actually on a YouTube video posted by a mutual friend. It is him (Josh Bannister) covering a Deaf Havana track called ‘I’m a Bore, Mostly.’ A beautiful song by all accounts, and the lyrics are fantastic. Although the original song is delightful Josh brings it into his own, creating calming acoustic waves that prick your eyes with salty tears, raise your arm hair with excited goose bumps and will have you humming along without even realising you are. Feast your eyes and ears on this sweet:

Wasn’t that just gorgeous?! 


On a further side note, lately I have become obsessed with David Bowie. This has been ever since a rumour has been flying around that he could be headlining Glastonbury 2013. If this is the case I am very excited. Here’s my favourite Bowie track of the moment:


Until next time my hot Californian quesadillas!

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