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Beckett 106 and Coachella 2012

Right. Christ. Where to start?

It’s been a whirlwind of a fortnight, let’s begin at the calmer end: Waiting For Godot performance at the Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles. I had never seen or read Samuel Beckett’s enchanting play before and having seen it I love it! I don’t want to ruin anything if you have yet to see or read it, I just suggest you do. We went of the day of Beckett’s 106th birthday, and what better way would he want us to celebrate the day than to go to Diddy Riese for ice cream cookies a second night in a row! And it was still gorgeous of course. All in all, a perfect night once again.

A week of relative calmness followed, mildly interrupted by trips to the Spectrum and Walmart to stock up for the best weekend of our lives: Coachella 2012!

So, Coachella. If you haven’t been, go. If you have been, go again.  As with all festivals, the music is only 35% imortant, what really matters is the community atmosphere, the parties and the people. And boy did we have all three! So, we hooked up at Indio’s In-N-Out Burger with a nine car convoy from San Diego and set off to what would be the stickiest weekend of our lives. A group of about 30 internationals threw themselves full frontal into the spirit of the festival. The temperature? 39 degrees Celsius (for you Fahrenheit fans, the internet converter tells me that is 102 degrees). Yep, hot. And not only was it 39 during the day, it was an average of 20 degrees Celsius once the sun set, so no need for coats or hats, and heaven forbid if you wear a pair of jeans! No, the attire for the weekend consisted mostly of a bikini top, a pair of shorts, flip flops for the day, Vans at night, and maybe a scarf to wrap around your head should the sweat start falling into your eyes.  

Anyone who worked up the energy to buy bag of ice was everyone’s best friend, anyone who had a spray bottle of water was everyone’s best friend, and anyone who had baby wipes was everyone’s best friend. There’s a theme here… Now, I know what you’re thinking, what about the bands?! Well of course there was music, why else would we go through the stress of buying tickets?!
For those who aren’t aware, this was the 2012 line-up for Coachella:

Now, who did I see out of all of those I hear you ask. Well here’s the list of the artists I saw:

Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Swedish House Mafia, The Vaccines, Florence and The Machine, Kasabian, Calvin Harris, Miike Snow, Radiohead, Snoop Dog + his minions, Morgan Paige, Lissie, Santigold, R3hab, Band of Skulls, Breakbot.

That was about it. Sadly, I did miss Kaiser Chiefs, David Guetta, Buzzcocks, and Bon Iver. The heat was too much for some of them and others clashed.  

Overall, the weekend was crazy. An average of three hours sleep were endured each night before waking up at 7am to blistering heat and the Canadians next door discussing bacon and other such trivial matters. Intelligence reached an all time high when we finally figured out how to smuggle vodka into the festival site, and the British flag was being waved far too many times to count as a healthy experience. Showering was pretty much pointless. There were showers on offer, and if you could bother to wait in the queue for an hour to finally take a five minute shower you were quids in, but as soon as you left the showering complex the effort was wasted. Sweat would immediately begin to ruin the cleanliness, and if you had washed your hair it would be bone dry in mere moments. 

The whole weekend was amazing. Oh my goodness, I was a broken woman when I returned to Irvine. I only recovered this morning actually.




Last night was….

Last night was… magical. We bombed it to Westwood, Los Angeles at around 11pm to gobble up the “best ice cream sandwiches in America” – and for only a dollar seventy-five! This magical slice of heaven is called Diddy Reise which can be found on Broxton Ave, Westwood. You choose 2 cookies (chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, candy chip, sugar, almond – you name it, they have it) and then you choose the ice cream filling! Oh my goodness…. so, I’ll let you into a teeny tiny secret, I went for one white chocolate chip cookie and one chocolate chip cookie with espresso chip ice cream as my filler. It was AMAZING. It’s messy, gooey, delightful… and all for under $2! Bloody bargain if you ask me.

Westwood is also the home of the famous UCLA campus, so we thought we’d invade for a little while. We found the library with its cathedral-like ceiling and the humanities building, all were pristine and beautiful of course. What could be better than this? The piano outside the college theatre (yes, they have a theatre!) asking us politely to “play me, I’m yours”, maybe? Lovely. As the rain came down we danced by the fountain. The view from that fountain is mesmerising, even at midnight with the rain coming down hard… Oh UCLA, I will come back some day!

Joshua Tree imagining

I wasn't stuck! There was merely a seat shaped hole in the rock so I obligingly lounged in it.

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