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Hello fellows and fellowettes,

Since December 29th I have been back in Orange County and up to the usual messy behaviour…

In true American style a bunch of us International Students ventured up to Las Vegas, the notorious partying, gambling and marrying scene. Vegas is surreal. No other word can describe a city that has been built up entirely on the tourism trade… in the middle of a desert. The neon signs, the lit up fountain displays, and the sparkly gold and red casinos can all be found within half a mile of each other. Experiencing Vegas on New Years Eve is another thing altogether, it is mind blowing. The main strip is cordoned off to traffic, allowing party goers to wander in the middle of the road taking in the vast array of commercial billboards and brightly lit hotels. We stayed way downtown in a cheap motel/hostel combination right by the infamous wedding chapels and across the road from a 24-hour strip club. ‘Only in Vegas…’ was a phrase uttered from our mouths on an hourly basis, and only in Vegas could you have found all these things in one place. It is truly extraordinary and I urge you to go… now. Go now, and go every weekend you have free, it’s is truly worth the money.

In other news, saying goodbye has been a big theme of the past week. Being an international student can be hard when the ones studying for only a quarter have to leave, and that is what happened on Thursday. Although, in true American style a surprise going away party was planned, shots were offered, refused, and promptly downed by the person offering. Beer stealing, beer chugging and beer spilling ensued, until the loud suggestion of going to Woody’s Bar in Newport was adhered by all and we swiftly left. It was the classic messy goodbye to end all goodbyes, as previously stated in my last blog these things never pan out quite as expected by nevertheless this was possibly the smoothest I’ve ever been involved in. Pat on the back for me.

Other than that, the weather in Irvine and Newport has been gorgeous of late. As I still have not got the hang of this Fahrenheit business I shall stick to Celsius readings for now. On Thursday a glorious 28 degrees slapped us in the face, causing us to sunbathe by the pool for three hours of hot, sticky success. I am now brown with the classic dodgy tan lines, always a good comparison angle I think. Moreover, we are now truly Californian girls (or ‘gurls’ as Katy Perry would write it) with tanned skin and shorts in January. Where else in the world could this happen? Honestly, I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love everyday I’m in California, truly I do.

Let’s end it on that note before I get teary  and bleary my California lovin’ chickens. Ta ra for now babies x

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