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Well well well I am getting better at blogging aren’t I? This is the second within a month. Mad lady.

So, what’s happened since good ole new years in Vegas you say? Well, a tremendous amount: a visit to Venice Beach, The Edison, witnessing the ‘epic’ Blake Griffin dunk during the Clippers’ last home game… the list continues.

This weekend just gone my lovely friend and ex-housemate Natalie came to stay and experience her very own slice of SoCal homemade pie, which a sprinkling of sugar and a cherry on top. She came in bubbling on Friday evening, jetlag soon hit and she was in bed by 10pm sharp. However, the following day life was back on track. Natalie and I bunked a ride with my gorgeous American housemate and three other international exchange students to venture in Venice. That’s right. Venice. This ain’t no gondola ridden backwater though, this is the glorious grassy smells and funky talented Venice Beach, Los Angeles. The city itself gets more beautiful the more you go, Venice is almost as strangely admirable as Las Vegas. To live in Venice must be a surreal experience that only few can handle and stay relatively sane, same goes for Vegas. These two places go hand in hand when talking about crazy America. As I am yet to visit the Deep South I will keep comments above board. It is a truly fascinating place and I urge you to go if ever you find yourself with nothing to do in the city of angels. After our Venice adventures we got back into the car (a fantastically white people carrier, featuring a ukulele and a tape deck) and bombed it down to Melrose. This street is a beaut when soaked in the warm L.A sunset. The boutiques are cute, the people are cuter. 

The view as you walk towards Venice Beach.

The next day I took Natalie to Fashion Island. The place to go if shopping is all you desire. I’ve never seen a happier woman. She felt right at home in the land of plastic surgery, miniature dogs in pink apparel and tight pants. And, of course, Forever 21 was raided by both of us with all the energy we could muster.

Huntington Beach was on the cards for the next day, a gorgeous beach with  a gorgeous town centre to match. Huntington is the home of surfing, hosting the Surfer’s Walk of Fame, and surfing brands and stores line the sidewalks boasting their surfing talent to all that want to hear. It’s not unusual to see a man casually donning a pair board shorts or a wetsuit on the side of the road before sauntering to the beach. It’s not unusual to see groups of teenagers discussing the difference in versatility between their newly purchased Vans trainers  and their old(skool) ones. Huntington is one of my favourite places, it’s gorgeous and just lovely to be at.

Huntington Beach

On Natalie’s last night in the OC we took her out of the county itself, to Los Angeles no less. We went to see the last home game of the Los Angeles Clippers (basketball, for those who don’t know). The Clippers won with over 100 points, and we got to see the ‘dopest’ dunk in Clippers history by none other than Blake Griffin. I wasn’t aware this moment was so glorious until I returned home to find an email from a friend’s little brother expressing his envy that I got to witness it firsthand. So, yes, history in the making it would seem.


So there you go, my adventures since the last blog. I’m sure a lot more has happened but I can’t think of it right now. But such is life. More to come my little chickpeas! Take care, E x

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